How We Work

We rent out the entire property from the landlord for a long-term period (2+ years), effectively becoming tenants. With the permission of the landlord, we rent out each room to separate individuals who will end up sharing the house’s common facilities, the kitchen, bathroom, and so on.We solely manage the entire property and all sub-tenants for the duration of the entire agreement.

Our profit margin is the result of the difference between total rental income from all sub-tenants and total outgoings, which includes bills, Guaranteed Rent to the landlord, maintenance, repairs cost, insurance, cleaning, and other expenses.

Our guarantee:

We guarantee that the property will be returned in the same state as it was received.

We guarantee your monthly fixed income for the entire duration of the agreement.

We guarantee you peace of mind and will only contact you in case of a real emergency.

Our Promise:

You are free to come and inspect the property at any time, as often as you like.

We are always on time with rental payments.